Cleaning of the mascots is not any easy tasks, as most of the cleaning process need to be hand wash.It is a laborious process in handling the bulky mascot and takes up a lot of time as proper cleaning methods had to be applied to different parts of the mascots depends on different characteristics and materials.

Our mascot cleaning professional will ensure that your mascot looks great and is ready to go for your next big event. Different types of mascots require different types of mascot cleaning services. In general, there are 2 main categories of mascot costumes: A head mascot (a separate head, bodysuit or clothing, inner body, gloves, and feet), or a uni-body mascot (typically one large structure that fits over the entire body with only the arms and legs exposed).
Some recommended methods for mascot cleaning are:-

1. Wet / dry vacuum
2. Spot cleaning on stained areas
3. Clean plastic parts
4. Wipe off with damp cloth
5. Small rubbing alcohol wipes (optional)

Washable jumpsuits and clothing are usually machine laundry wash in cold water and then hung dry or dry cleaning if it is not washable.