The dry cleaning and hand cleaning procedures at Rainbow uses the finest technology and the purest of solvents to deliver impeccable results for everything from suits to designer couture.

What’s more Rainbow use the most advanced dry cleaning solutions in fabric after care. A variety of solvents and cleaning techniques are used depending on the garments construction. ornamentation and fabric as well the degree of soiling and types of stains.

At Rainbow Laundry Station, we care for your clothes, and this is how we handle your clothes:

Dry Cleaning
  • Double-check pockets, especially for tissues pen, money, lipstick etc. Remove items from pocket.
  • Read clothing labels for washing instructions carefully. Wash clothes according to washing instructions.
  • Clothes will be sorted into light and dark loads. Each load will be soaked and washed separately.
  • Clothes with tough stains and dirt will be tackled with advanced washing techniques and washing detergents and bleach.
  • All clothes will be Washed in four cycles, i.e. initial washing cycle, comprehensive washing cycle and two cycle of rinsing.
  • When the washer is finished, the clothes will be removed from the washer and Put in the dryer immediately. The clothes will be removed once the dryer stops.
  • The clothes will be Pressed with an iron when cold down (if ironing service has been requested).
  • The clothes will be Folded when cold down and sorted into respective categories.
  • Your ready clothes will be Wrapped in clean plastic for your pick up.

Give us a call today for more info. When you see how easy it is to transition to our professionals taking care of laundering your items, you will wonder why you did not act sooner! Contact us now to find out more.